Beni Levi

Beni Levi has been involved in tourism since 1992, serving in a variety of senior positions in large and diverse Israeli tourism companies.

Over the years Beni has been primarily involved in the destinations of Greece and Cyprus, and has established personal and professional relationships with key people, managers, salesmen and local tourism agents in Greece and Cyprus.

Beni’s love and connection to Greece and its culture is linked to his Greek and Turkish origins.

Since childhood, he has been exposed to Greek culture, music and local foods, all of which have become part of his daily life. Later, his frequent visits to Greece made him ‘one of the locals,’ specializing in local customs.

The aim of establishing Lemonki Travel is to connect travelers with the real Greece: show them the wonderful places outside the familiar tourist routes,

the unique and magical places, local culture and diversity this wonderful country has to offer.